michelle obama

Do you think that these ladies really care about who is the prettiest? who is the most fly? Fill in the blank with each colloquialism that women have.

First Lady and Mrs. Pinckney are the epitome of what women are to be to one another and that is SUPPORT, that backbone, loyalty, a place to land, a safety net, I don’t care if I am available or not, I Am here for you sister!

I really get appalled as a look I experience and witness the stupidity and frivolity of envy, jealousy, judgements, and criticisms.  The perpetual intensity of debates about matters that will take care of themselves; especially during a time of fragility for families locally, nationwide and abroad.

I agree with what Madeleine Albright’s quote, “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women!” Point blank nothing to add to it but the fact that every woman especially a minority woman who has been told that she AIN’T nothing and never will be… The insolent audacity to think or believe that she is more special or better than the next… I concur and I shout from the mountain top of what Ms. Albright made mention of… there is a special place for all of you ladies. 😊

I am rather over the superficiality that overtakes the minds of us women and in particularly that of our nation…the superficiality of thinking or feeling that one is better because of God knows what! It is nauseous at this point of the matter… All I ask from a mere sister who is taking a day at a time loving God, her husband and children to please surround me and every woman that is worth her salt with  REAL AND AUTHENTIC women who place their egotistic foolishness to the side and who is willing to help ANY woman who is trying to do something, anything that is worth the progression of the greater whole!

Thank you First Lady and Mrs. Pinckney who are the real Generals of what is to be a real woman and to support your sister no matter what…My own hashtag…#realwomen… women who keep it gutter and who helps other women and who push or rather kill their egos to help another sister! And that is on the real!

From one real heart to another,

Mia Jo Hash Sloan✊🏾


About miasloan1972

A woman who loves The Creator, The Redeemer and who is grateful...
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